We are a people whose lives have been made new by Jesus.
We believe Jesus is our:

Living Savior

Jesus lived an earthly life free of sin because we couldn’t. He died on the cross to atone for the sins of all mankind and to undo the separation we once had with God. Jesus is actively drawing people to himself with the free offer of forgiveness to anyone who will believe that he is who he says he is and trust him. His offer is not conditional and not based on anything we do or don’t do; it is a free gift from a Living Savior who created us to have fellowship with him.

Risen Lord

When we say that Jesus is our “Risen Lord”, we don’t mean it metaphorically. Jesus rose from the dead, appeared to eye-witnesses, and is currently alive and at work through the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all truth. Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples, famously refused to believe that he had risen until after he physically placed his hands in the nail wounds from his crucifixion, to which Jesus responded, “Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe.”


Jesus is available to all that would seek him. He asks us to cast our cares and anxieties on him and to seek his direction in all areas of life. He promises never to leave us nor forsake us. When we believe, he begins a process of transformation within us, making us more and more like him, molding us into his disciples and enabling us to reflect his love and carry out his perfect and specific will for our lives.


Jesus is, and always has been God. According to the Bible, he was with God and he was God before the Earth was even created. He was “begotten” by God, and though fully man while on this earth, he never ceased to also be fully God. To truly atone for sin, he had to bear the weight of our fallen humanity, making him a God who understands the trials and challenges of life and who is able to sustain us through them.


Sunday’s at 10:00 am

The River Church is more than a building, an organization, a man, or a Sunday. We are not about religion, rules, or tradition. We are passionate about being a part of a movement of God that makes Him famous through Loving God, Loving People, and Changing the World through the power of the Gospel!  At the River you will find a group of people united by a common relationship with Jesus Christ.

What to Expect

When you arrive at The River you will be greeted with a smile. You will be invited in and have a chance to get some coffee or juice and get comfortable in our worship center. If you have children we will help you get your kids, birth through 1st grade, to our cool children’s area. You can expect an environment with upbeat music and a chance to meet new people. Our service will begin with a welcome. While we try to be creative with what we do in our services, we usually sing along with the band, hear a message from the Bible, have time to greet others, and a chance to offer back to God. Our offering goes to support the ministries of our church and to reach out to the community. If this is your first time we do not expect you to give.

We hope that our worship service will give you a chance to experience God and that He will change your life. That’s what happens to us each time we come close to Him. We hope you will join us.

What are your gatherings like?

We have two identical services for you. Pick the one most convenient for you and your family. Join us at our one service at 10 am. Each service provides River Kidz from birth – 5th grade. If you have kids, you should allow for a few extra minutes to get your kids settled in our River Kidz program. Our service time runs around 70 minutes. If you need directions, click here.

Our gatherings also include great music with a rocking band, fun videos, messages that apply to your life, and new friends in a casual, non-judging environment. Please feel free to come exactly as you are.

Where can I take my children?

We have a great children’s area for your kids (birth through 5th grade). Our River Kidz program seeks to love your children and provide a safe place where they can experience God on their own level. We have separate nursery areas for infants and for toddlers. We also have separate classrooms for kids 5 years through 5th grade.

Our check-in system is computerized, creating a safe environment for your kids. If you’re new, we encourage you to arrive a few minutes early to get plugged into our system. After the first day, check-in is quick and easy.

This is a fun environment with games, activities, and a Bible lesson. We have a great children’s program under the direction of our Children’s ministry director, Lindsey Williams. Please feel free to contact her with any questions.

How do I get there?

The River Church is now meeting at 4307 Welcome Arcadia Rd – Lexington, NC 27295.  We are on the corner of Hwy 150 and Frye Bridge/Welcome Arcadia Rd.

We meet on Sundays at 10 am.


People visit churches for a number of different reasons. If you are looking for a church to be a part of you are probably wondering,
how do I really connect with these people and become a part of this community?

This is how the process generally works for us here at The River:


Everyone who walks into The River’s worship gatherings, life groups and events encounter the gospel in word or deed.

What is the gospel? In the simplest of terms the gospel is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus that accomplishes redemption and restoration for all who believe and all of creation. In his life Jesus fulfilled the law and accomplished all righteousness on behalf of sinners who have broken God’s law at every point. In his death Jesus atones for our sins, satisfying the wrath of God and obtaining forgiveness for all who believe. In his resurrection Jesus’ victory over sin and death is the guarantee of our victory over the same in and through him. Jesus’ saving work not only redeems sinners, uniting them to God, but also assures the future restoration of all creation. This is the gospel, the “good news,” that God redeems a fallen world by his grace.

When encountering the gospel, our prayer is that people will authentically experience the gospel through faith and repentance. For some of you this will happen right away when you, as believers, join us for worship. But for others who are seeking and asking questions this may not happen right away. We would like to help you as you seek the truth with us.


When a person trusts in Jesus Christ they confess their faith and repentance through baptism. For those who have not been baptized (immersed in water as a follower of Jesus) this is the next step in following Christ.

Baptism itself does not change a person or wash away sin. It is a sign and symbol by which we express the Gospel and our new identity in Christ.


As the Gospel brings us together in community we begin to share our lives together in a few key ways. Our Life Groups are a great way to begin to experience Gospel community. Wherever you are in your journey we encourage you to visit one soon.

We also believe God calls his people to live as a covenant community. At The River we call this “partnership.” We offer Partnership Classes throughout the year that introduce people to the mission and vision of our church.

This class is a requirement for all seeking to be a member of The River.


Every Christian is uniquely gifted by God and equipped by the church to serve God and neighbor. There are a variety of ways to serve The River and the community, and we will help you find the right place to use your gifts.



The River is an elder-led church. Elders at The River are called by God to shepherd and lead the local church. They meet regularly to establish direction of the church, discuss theology, and lovingly disciple people at The River.

We believe that the scripture is clear that Elders lead the church. We also believe in the scripture the office of elder is the same as what we call pastors today. In the scriptures we do not find pastors who are paid to do the work of the church, however we do find elders, some who are supported by the church and some who are not, who lead the local church body. Therefore at The River we consider pastors to be elders and elders to be pastors. Some of our pastors are compensated by the church and some are not. They all however share equally in the responsibility of leading the church.


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Contact Info


4307 Welcome-Arcadia Rd Lexington, NC 27295